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Portela & Portela Lda Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Portela & Portela Lda, the proprietor and manager of the Residencia de Estudantes Porto Alto, is fully committed to protect your privacy and safety.

This privacy policy explains the methods and motives under which we use your personal data and has the objective of assuring that you remain informed and in control of your information.

1. About us
Portela & Portela Lda is a company by quotas, owned by Alvaro Portela and his direct family, which has the real estate business as its main activity, including managing its own real estate assets.
Our headquarters are located in Porto, Portugal, at Rua de João Oliveira Ramos, 87.

2. Personal data
We collect personal data, information related to identified or identifiable live people. The personal data also include a set of informations capable of identifying a determined person.

2.1 Activity of Portela & Portela Lda where the personal data are collected
Portela & Portela Lda manages the Residencia de Estudantes Porto Alto and performs digital marketing actions for which it collects personal data, namely:
  • Generation of leads through digital publicity;
  • Email marketing and newsletters shooting;
  • Leasing contracts;
All data and information supplied by the clients are covered by the present Privacy Policy.

2.2 Personal data provided by the clients
The personal data provided by the clients or single individuals when interacting with Porto Alto, may consist of:
  • Name and family name;
  • Birth date;
  • Residence address;
  • An electronic address, like;
  • An identification card number;
  • A telephone number;
  • Academic information;
2.3 How the personal data is used
Portela & Portela Lda collects information to do Porto Alto leasing contracts, to operationalise such contracts and to accomplish our legal obligations. We do not sell or lease or transfer your personal information to other entities, in any other way than it is expressly disclosed in this Privacy Policy.

This information may be used by Portela & Portela Lda in three spheres of action:

1. General Use
  • To underwrite and operationalise a contract;
  • To protect our vital interests;
  • To comply with legal obligations;
  • To comply with our own legitimate interests (or with our own clients, as long as theirs do not overcome our own).
Whatever the eventuality, Portela & Portela Lda will only use your personal data for the purpose, or purposes, for which they were collected.

2. Marketing

We use your personal data to communicate with you through newsletters, e-mail and advertisement campaigns. The data collected through digital publicity to generate leads (to fill forms) do not have any kind of processing by Portela & Portela Lda.
3. Profile and segmentation creation
Portela & Portela Lda may evaluate, categorize and create a profile through the supplied personal data. This is done with the objective of adapting the products, services and communication (including segmented publicity) to its necessities and preferences and to help us to have a better understanding of our public.

3. Personal data sharing

We will never sell your personal data.
If you have opted to receive marketing contents, we will only contact you with information about our company and respective products.

4. Data retention

Portela & Portela Lda retains your information while it is needed for our services performance or until our legal obligations are accomplished. All client data generated through the activities for the Porto Alto clients – as described in item 2.1 – will be stored in the Google safety cloud, which has its own data protection policy. Google Privacy Policy may be consulted here.

5. Opt-in and opt-out

In newsletters, e-mail updates and leads generation through digital publicity performed by Portela & Portela Lda there will always be a clearly visible opt-in field (yes, I want to be contacted / yes, I want to receive e-mails from this company). Any opt-in form, in any brand channel, shall present information on how will the client data be used, including if the e-mail and other data may be used in digital marketing actions, like Facebook Lookalike, for example.

Any e-mail communication, instant messages and other digital means shall include a quite visible opt-out option.

Porto, May 23rd, 2018